Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Still Sore!!!

Woh there... WOH THERE!!!! That's right, I'm STILL SORE!!!!

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I'm referring to my sore hip after my short program 11 days ago. 11 days!!! I swear, 4 days is the usual recovery time for hitting your hip the way I hit mine. What's this whole multi-day deal?... not sure I'm a fan.

Hello, all. Just thought I'd write a quick line to let you know about my hip. Not sure why, just thought I'd do that.

I'd also like to note that this is one of the most bizarre times of the year for me... it's almost like the world crumbles, quickly dissentegrates and reforms itself as some sort of blank, moldable, slippery lump of clay with which I'm supposed to reshape my understanding of my own existence. Essentially, that's a colorful way of saying that every year after nationals, I throw myself headfirst into my next quarter-life crisis, undergoing yet another existential breakdown from which I can only hope to emerge with a stronger sense of how my life is exactly what I want it to be.

Aaahhhhhhh, good thing I got that off my chest. Lol!

Be well,


Jazzpants said...

Trust me, kiddo! If you're still sore after 11 days, I'd go see a sport doctor (if you haven't already!!!) If nothing else, you wanna get an idea of when you can start doing rehab exercise to regain your strength in those hip flexors and get back on the ice! :-)

Be glad for your "forced vacation" Braden. Since I read in your USFSA bio that you love coffee, I'll change the old lemonade analogy and tell you to turn those coffee beans that's been tossed to you 11 days ago and make coffee!!! Toss in whatever sweetener and/or whatever milk or soy milk product you wish to suit your taste. :-)

Gotta catch some ZZZZ's... (Lesson tomorrow with the EVILLE secondary coach!!!)

Be well and be good,

Jazzpants said...

Now that I gotten enough sleep (NOT!!!), had a good "wake up" lesson ( =:-O ) , had my Starbucks... (Yes, I DO LUUURVE my Starbucks!!! :) ) and reread my comment....EEEEK!!!

Ummmm...I should clarified by saying you don't need to "be glad" that you're on your "forced vacation." I'm definitely not a fan of "forced vacations" b/c of injuries. (Alright! I will outright say that it SUCKS to be injured!!! And the longer I'm off, I'm worse as a patient...) I should rephrase it to say that you're on the right track when you can make this injury recovery into a positive situation! And you already on the right track by learning something about yourself at Nationals given what you wrote in your blog given your setback!

I look forward to seeing what that lump of clay is going to look like when you're done with it.


P.S. Totally OT...I hear you have a practice skating clothing line? You have a website so we could see the goods? ;-)

lutzbutz2687 said...

BOGO!! Sorry to hear your still sore. Totally know how that goes and am not looking forward to it when I'm home for spring break to face Kelly Boot Camp. To make you feel old on top of being sore, you now offical known me for 16 years!!!! How about that?? Can't wait for that drink you'll be buying me during the show. Get better soon and I'll see you around, Stranger!!


P.S. To jazzpants, Braden makes an incredible track suit and he owes me one in pink!!

Jazzpants said...

lutzbutz: Oh, REALLY!?!?! Well, then!!! Braden, you got one in purple? (My fave color! LOOOONG story about me and purple. And yes, I already know about "The Purple Store" website.)

sk8ngiraffe said...

Hey, so sorry to hear about your bum bum! Having an annual existential crisis isn't always a bad thing unless you roll around in mud for too long. Take stock, appreciate your gifts, decide what you wish to change, then come up with a plan. It sounds like you've really grown this past year and will be even better once the arse is better!

This year, you could do something completely different during your post nationals month and start looking for new music and creating the perfect costume NOW, rather than August! ;-) Get well soon!

e-skater said...

Oh my. Don't do what I did and not get help. You have to do what's best for you, but I suggest....let's see..... A DOCTOR, lol!!! Sports medicine if possible. Maybe some physical therapy would be a good thing for you!

If anything your entry scared me. I had no idea the normal recovery time for this sort of hip fall was four days. It told I should have definitely gone to Dr. with mine when I did that. Not to curse you or anything (eek), but mine has never felt the same since, and it hurt for about three months. I couldn't sleep on that side at all. I wore a pad when I skated, and thank God I did not fall on it again.

So, don't be like me (of course I'm old enough to be your grandmother, which could have been a factor ;-) ). You are very young, get some care so you can heal up good as new!

rawsk8fan said...

So you were still sore 11 days post-nationals? That's not good Braden. I'm sorry your hip took such a hit. And although I can't advise you on the physical recovery part (not my forte), I can offer you some insights into with your wayward desire to determine your life's destiny!!! LOL

I saw Ro today in Milwaukee at a show. He's doing well. He'll be in Chicago with me sometime over the next few weeks. I'm sure that will include a good dose of "shop therapy" (one of my favorite approaches to mental health)!

Drop a line via email if you get a chance. And get healthy, okay? US Figure Skating Needs You!

Ro's 'Go To Girl'

Amber said...


I am so impressed with your performance at Nationals under the terrible circumstances. Your programs are exquisite and you have such a talent for choreography as well as skating.

Enjoy this break as best you can, and I cannot wait to see your skate again. Hopefully some day you will come skate in Chicago so I have the chance to see you live.

I hope you feel a lot better soon and that you come back even stronger next year!

Best wishes,

Jen said...


Thanks for all your skating advice, life musings, etc. It really helps all the people reading your blog. (Yes- you do have more people reading than you think!) Example: I was skating in competition Friday, knew the program forwards and backwards, and yet managed to pop my first jump. Not good, especially since it was a technical program, like the short! I seriously had a "What would Braden do?" moment, and remembered you telling us readers about your Nationals, where you didn't dwell on your mistakes and focused all your energy into the rest of your program. Well, I did, and ended up winning and realizing how much I owed it to this awesome blog you so randomly started. I guess what I'm trying to say is "Thanks"!

Be sure to get that injury checked out before it gets worse, if you haven't already. As everyone else has said- enjoy your time off!