Thursday, February 28, 2008

Okay, okay!

Okay, okay... I'm still alive. Thought I died, did ya? You were wrong.

Hello anyone,

I'm actually writing a quick note this evening simply because a few people have mentioned to me that I hadn't written in my blog; this, I know.

It's kind of funny right now though, I'm not sure if I'm even supposed to have a blog anymore--this was originally set up by my club so that I could write about my season as it progressed. But, my season's over. What do I do with my blog? Well, I'm still not sure.

Update on the hip: Still sore!! Essentially, the muscle's fine at this point but the bursa is still probably not in the best shape. That, however, probably won't go away for a while. Also, there's been a couple conversations regarding the possibility of a bone bruise. Ultimately, that doesn't really mean anything, but I thought I'd tell ya anyway.

I'm gearing up to do a show next weekend in Fargo, North Dakota. I hear it's warm there. I've done this show before and it's a lot of fun. If anyone's in the area, you should come see it!

That's all for this evening. Maybe I'll write again soon... if I have anything to say (which isn't rare).




sk8ngiraffe said...
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sk8ngiraffe said...

Thank goodness! I was beginning to feel foolish continuing to check your blog from time to time. No, don't stop sharing your incredible skating and life journey. Your writing is as spectacular as your skating - we want more!

Get well (heal) soon. I got my first goose egg when Susan helped me down onto the ice this week ;-)

Tomorrow is the annual Pioneer Open. Your name came up recently as memories of your Mexican Hat Dance in size 20 hockey skates brought a round of giggles! There are now several teams in CO and only a couple coming from CA - how things have changed.

Amber said...

I love reading your blog as well! If I was in North Dakota, or anywhere near there, I would be at your show in a heartbeat. As it is, I suppose I shall have to hope that you skate in Chicago sometime in the future so I get the chance to see you skate live.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend and that your hip feels better soon!

lutzbutz2687 said...

BOGO! Yes you still have to write in your blog even though the season is over because it's so much fun to read. Have fun up there in Fargo. I'm actually in denver this week for spring break. What's this sk8ngiraffe is saying about a mexican hat dance?? This story I have got to hear. Got to watch a little of the Pioneer Open the other day before skating out at Family Sports with Kelly. For being off the ice for 4 months so far it hasn't been too bad, I can still land through double loop, not too shabby. We'll see by the end of the week how it looks. Can't wait to see ya for the show.


Civil06 said...

My wife teaches 4th grade and we ended up going to watch a few of her students in the Fargo ice show.

What a treat it was to watch you skate. I've never seen high quality figure skating in person - only on TV. The camera doesn't capture the speed or elevation of a live event.

A sincere thank you for coming to Fargo and skating a classy, fun routine and giving the kids someone to look up to.

Jazzpants said...

Hi, Braden! Glad to here you're still alive and well (as am I... but barely, since *I* am now on my final stretch in preparing for Adults Nationals... Help! I'm dying here!!! :( )

And hey! Look at this blog as a good start for the next skating season!!! After all, we missed the beginning of it!!! :-P (Alright, alright... so it wasn't much of one b/c you busted your shoulder...) Besides, we wanna know if you're sticking with your programs from last year or doing something new this year.

And Braden, if you are checking your clothing line email, please reply to my email! I am serious when I said that I am interested in some practice skating pants ;-)