Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Now?


My last post was on the 28th of February.  I don't know if anyone still checks this blog--some people have told me they do so... hello people [if you're reading].  

Update:  I have no idea what my life is all about and I'm still trying to figure it out, as expected. Thoughts, anyone?

Current Activities:  LOTS and LOTS of choreography for a whole bunch of people who think I know what I'm doing.  It's been a blast and a great experience all the way around.  Making a whole bunch of things for people [about 4 months late] whom also think I know what I'm doing.  In the end I think to myself, "who are these people who think I know what I'm doing?"  Every second of my spare time is spent with my incredible girlfriend, and it still doesn't seem like enough.  Either way it's all been a pretty good time. 

News:  My dog is now obsessed with a new kitten... not my kitten, I don't have one.  OBSESSED!!!

Upcoming Events:  I'll be going to Vegas this weekend to be entertained... I've heard it's entertaining there.  (And the last 12 or so times I've been there it's been pretty fun so, I thought I'd go back.)  Next weekend I will be doing the Ice Theater Show in Burbank, CA at the Pickwick (Sp?) Ice Arena; June 6th, 8:00 p.m.  Be there!

If I have anything else to say of great magnitude, I'll let you know.  

Hope all's well. 



Lake Placid Skater said...

Nice to hear from you again!

lutzbutz2687 said...

It took you long enough BOGO!!!!! Geez I was beining to think you died! Love how you mentioned that totally awesome show you did more then a month ago and that equally entertaining seminar too.......................NOT!!!

Vicki said...

Elvis lives!! You were GREAT last night in the show. But then again you always are. :-) It was nice catching up with you. Hope to see you again soon.

R & V

Jazzpants said...

Weird!!! I was just thinking about you today when asked "what famous person would I want as a coach?" I answered "Well, he's not that famous and I want this person not as a coach... but a choreographer... someday" ... and I mentioned YOU!!! :-) (Cool your heels for a bit though...I also added that it may be a few years when I get my skating to the point where I can do justice with your choreography! I hope you'll still be around when that happens. *rolleyes* LOL!!! I have a very special project saved specifically for you to do for me in the future. ;-) your dog being territorial towards the new kitty? All dogs gets territorial when he realizes that he has to share the spotlight of "top dog" with something... LOL!!!

Any plans to come up here to San Francisco in the future? Post here and let ME know!!! We'd love to have you up here at Yerba Buena!!! :-)

As for figuring out your life is about? Well... I've found in my ripe old age of "mumble mumble" that I'm still trying to figure out what my life is all about. This is COMPLETELY OK and NORMAL --b/c you change and evolve everyday!!! You still have some life left in you as a US National competitor. You also have your choreography gig and your clothing line as a backup career when you are done competing. You have wonderful family, friends AND an "incredible girlfriend." What's there to think? ENJOY THE RIDE!!! :-)

I'm glad things are well with you overall and that you're safe, healthy and happy! Keep in touch here!!! We DO read these blogs!!! ;-)


Jazzpants said...

P.S. My primary coach is featured in this month's Skating Magazine. (Yes, the hairdresser guy!!!) :-)

Sonia Arora said...

Braden? Braden Braden?
I was watching some skating on youtube and decided to google your name out of curiosity. It's good to see that you are still doing well, and that you are still your same wonderful, charismatic, searching self. I remember always thinking that you had the fire of a true Scorpio.

After teaching high school English and doing college counseling in a NYC private school for a few years, I moved to Chicago and now work at U. Chicago. I suppose my journey to the midwest could be labeled a quarter-life crisis, or the product of a year of serious life reevaluation, the miserable, gnawing-at-every-fiber-of-your being type of reevaluation. Thankfully that's tapered. I miss my students and the classroom, but I'm glad that working at the University allows me to have more time for myself.

Chitown is one superfabulous city! I think I could put down roots here one day. I hope California is treating you well. I'm going to be in the southern Cali for work in October. Perhaps I'll bother Colin over facebook for your contact info...? or are you in N. Cali?

Best of luck to you this season and beyond!

Sonia Arora
CA '01

Aaron said...

We still check the Blog and are eagerly awaiting the next post!

Icarus said...

Hullo, a little late but I thought I'd swing by to see if you were still posting. Pssht. Your choreography is brilliant and imaginative, they're lucky to have you. *waves* Hope to see you post more in the coming season.

~Miss*Hilton~ said...

Hey Buddy,
Long time no see. This stephanie Hilton. I know what a name from ur! Anywhoo I had a question/favor to ask of u. So whenever ur not busy livi'n it up in Vegas or ur just bored hit me up. or 720-979-9055 Alright I hope to hear from u soon.